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How do I book an appointment when I have a gift voucher?

As we have our system set to payment for booking we have given you the option of using your gift voucher and bypass the payment. Use this link.

Click OKAY to accept t&c, first options will be gift voucher (please put in notes what treatment you want, not all treatments are available with every therapist so we may ask you to change your appointment if this happens).


I want to change my appointment but I've already paid, how do i do this?

Go to your email appointment and clicke the reschedule button to change the date. This will transfer your appointment over alongside your payment.


I have cancelled my appointment, do I get an instant refund?

No, you need to contact us to arrange a refund, and as long as it is over 24 hours notice we will issue you with a partial refund as we will take the card fee payments off from payment and for refund.


Do you sell vouchers, and if you do how do I get one?

Yes we certainly do. You can pick one up in person, we can post one out to you with an additional payment of £1.50 or you can instantly purchase online using this link.


What do I wear to an appointment?

Wear your normal clothes. Please take your shoes off at the door and leave them on the mat inside. Once you we have established your treatment we will advise you on what to remove. For massages we ask you wear  knickers/boxer shorts.


How do I find you?

Unfortunately, Google Maps have moved our setting, so it may not bring you to the carpark. We are situated behind the Queens Head Pub, drive past the dentist, through the stone pillars into the outercarpark, follow the private road along to bring you into an inner carpark. We are on the balcony. You will need to obtain a parking permit from us which allows 2 hours free parking.


What aftercare advice do you suggest?

In all treatments we advise that you

* drink plenty of water 

* rest if you need to

* listen to your body

* try not to retox (caffeine, smoking, alcohol, drugs)


Do you offer couples or group treatments?

We offer this service on selected weekends. You will need to contact us to find out next available slots.

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