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Other facial therapies


Ice globe facial

Using chilled ice globes and marble stones to diminish fine lines, plump and rejvenate the skin.

55 minute treatment

Indian Face Massage

This is our natural facelift. Using the hands and fingertips to provide an uplifting treatment which also includes feeding the face with an oil mask.

55 minute treatment

Jade Rejuventation

Using warm and cold jade stones, jade rollers, facial cups and gua sha to create a difference.

55 minute treatment

Gua Sha Facial

This includes facial massage using acupressure and can be helpful with drainage as well as anti-ageing.

25/55 minute treatment

Rose Quart Facial

Using rose quartz crystals to massage the face, scalp and hands.

55 minute treatment

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Using MLD techniques to create a noticeable difference in the puffiness of the face.

25/55 minute treatment

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