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Treatments L-R

Do you need a specific type of massage? Hopefully, we have what you need.

Choose from 25, 55 and 70 minute treatments.

Prices start at £32.

Lighter Legs

Using specialist movements to help with fluid retention, puffy, tired legs. Suitable for pregnancy.

25/55 minute appointment

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Traditional lymphatic drainage is suitably light as it works on the superficial lymph nodes helping to create a flow of lymph fluid to the drainage areas. Suitable for most clients, as well as pre-surgery, post-surgery and pregnancy.

25/55 minute appointment

Pregnancy Massage

Working in 2nd or 3rd trimester to help with pregnancy niggles, aches and pains. Ann works in all trimesters.

25/55/70 minute appointment


Treatment to balance the body via the feet. We offer classical, mindful, fertility, pregnancy and menopause reflexology.

55 minute appointment

Lomi Lomi Massage

A truly sublime treatment that must be experienced! Warm oils massaged into the body with flowing movements.

55/70 minute appointment

Oncology Treatments

We have got you! Whatever your journey, we will devise a plan to adapt our treatments to suit your immediate needs. Massage, reflexology, facial massage and reiki are particularly suited.

25/55/70 minute appointment

Post Natal Massage

Working after the 6 weeks when you are coming to the end of your bleed. We will work on the areas that are most helpful to you. 

We also offer closing the bones.

25/55/70 minute appointment


We offer a range of Reiki treatments, Usui, Seichem and Mary Magdalene.

Check out Reiki Immersive TM

25/55 minute appointment

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