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Treatments S-Z

Do you need a specific type of massage? Hopefully, we have what you need.

Choose from 25, 55 and 70 minute treatments.

Prices start at £32.

Sports Massage

Using a variety of techniques.

25/55/70 minute appointment

Shamanic Treatments

From Power retrieval to Soul retrieval or going on drumming journey.

55/70 minute appointment

Thai Treatments

Thai foot massage, Thai yoga massage or Thai oil massage.

25/55/70 minute appointment

Womb Massage

Working on the lower back and the abdominal area to help create equilbrium.

55/70 minute appointment

Scarwork Treatments

Working on scars from abdominal scars to scars on the body. You will need to book more than one appointment.

55/70 minute appointment

Tibetan Head Massage

An incredibly relaxing treatment to the head and face whilst you snooze on the massage couch.

55 minute appointment


Using the Theragun as part of your deep tissue massage.

This is an add-on to your treatment.

Wood Therapy

Using a range of wooden tools to sculpt, contour and create lymphatic drainage to the body. You will need to book regular appointments.

55/70 minute appointment

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