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Treatments E-I

Do you need a specific type of massage? Hopefully, we have what you need.

Choose from 25, 55 and 70 minute treatments.

Prices start at £32.

Ear candling

Using Biosun ear candles to help with ear, nose and throat condtions. 

Just ear candling or add a facial massage.

25/55 minute appointments

Gua Sha Treatment

Using gua sha tools to work into the muscles. This works well as a stand alone treatment but also with cupping and / or deep tissue massage.

25/55 minute appointment

Hot & Cold Stone Massage

Using a collection of heated and chilled basalt, marble and jade stones to create a sublime massage.

25/55/70 minutes appointments

Indian Head Massage

Working on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face.

Either seated and through clothing or on skin lying on the massage couch.

25/55 minute appointment

Fertility Massage

Using specialised massage techniques to the back and abdominal area with speically prepared oils in a truly beautiful experience.

55/70 minute appointments

Honey Massage

Using natural honey to work into the muscles and with a light exfoliating effect.

25/55 minute appointment

Hot Compress Massage

Steamed bundles of herbs will be pummelled into the body to create a warm and relaxing treatment.

55/70 minute appointment


Cannot decide what treatment to have? Let us decide for you.

55/70 minute appointment

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