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Congratulations on your pregnancy, we are here to help you throughout your pregnancy in all trimesters.

Typical niggles are back pain, swollen limbs, pelvic girdle pain, sciatica, and concerns leading up to the birth.

Pregnancy Massage

This is our speciality, we love to massage women throughout their pregnancy. We will check in with you each appointment and adjust the treatment to suit your immediate needs. 


Maternity Reflexology

We can offer you reflexology throughout your pregnancy and when you are nearing your birth we can work with particular points to help get your body ready.


Hypno techniques

Throughout your pregnancy we can help your mindset with hypno suggestions, hypnobirthing and hypnotherapy.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Come in and take some time out for yourself whilst we work on your swollen limbs. We can help alleviate heavy, puffy areas.

Why not have a few treatments?

Choose a relaxing massage to the hands or feet, a scalp massage, a facial or reiki. We can adapt treatments to suit your needs and growing body.

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