Muscle testing

Carlee offers this as part of her Kore therapy.

What is it?


Using a strong muscle on your body, I can test for any issues that are going on, whether that’s with a muscle, organ, skeletal issues, or food intolerances.

For example, I will place one hand somewhere on your body or just have the area I want to test in my mind, and then I will get you to hold your arm up like this picture shows and ask you to hold the muscle strong to stop me pushing your arm all the way down.

If you can’t hold your muscle strong, it indicates an issue with the area I’m testing.

In KORE therapy, we use many different treatments to help the issues we find. Failed muscle tests are re-tested at the end of a KORE treatment and clients are always amazed at how they become stronger, showing that the treatment is working.

KORE treatments are buildable and each client is different but a few sessions is usually needed.

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