Energy Therapies


Both Carlee and Ann offer Reiki.

Ann works with Usui and Seichem energy and is a Reiki master.

Carlee works with Usui Reiki.


Ann has studied both Shamanic drumming and Reiki drumming.

The drum is there to help the brainwaves go into theta state, a deeply relaxing state as part of a guided visualisation.

Crystal Therapy

Harnessing the vibrational energy of crystals to help remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Chakra balance or aura cleansing may be included.

Shamanic Treatments

Drumming or a Power Retrieval may feature in this treatment. If you wish to regain some order in your life then this is the treatment to choose.

Sound Therapy

Working with a range of sound therapy healing instruments to facilitate a change in the body's vibrational energy.

We may use singing bowls, tingshas, tuning forks, rattles, drums or koshi chimes.


If you're not sure which treatment to book, then book an intuitive treatment.

Ann will weave a range of therapies to create a bespoke experience for you.

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