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More Massage


We are trained to use fire/glass cups, silicone cups, and plastic cups. Your treatment may include one or all of these.

25/55/70 mins


This treatment is a mixture of deep massage with the addition of theragun, a massage gun that helps to work into the muscles breaking down tense and tight muscles.

25 or 55 mins


Tibetan Head Massage

A truly sublime treatment to relax and soothe the mind. A slow, meditative pace throughout the treatment featuring the head, scalp, decolettage area.

55 mins

Gua Sha

This is a scraping treatment to strip the muscle fibre to encourage better mobility.

Can also be booked with cupping.

25/55/70 mins

Thai Yoga Massage

This is either received on the floor on a mat or on the massage couch. The treatment is sometimes called "lazy man's yoga" as the therapist will be stretching, compressing, and moving the body into different positions.

55 or 70 mins

On-site Massage

Using a specialist chair to give a deep acupressure style massage. We can also do bamboo seated massage or Thai seated massage.

25 or 55 mins

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