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Training to be a therapist by Ann

We offer a wide range of treatments at guru, an award-winning training and education centre, and pride ourselves on the quality of the training. Each course comes with a training manual, a full day's training and your tutor's being able to answer questions before, during and after training.

We also offer a free top-up for any course paid at full price, this is up to 2 hours and gives the student the chance to sit and ask a series of questions, go over parts or all of the treatment learnt. We supply models for the student to work on, and have been known to hop up onto the bed to be the model too!

Short, intensive training isn't for everyone however. Some students would be better suited going into college to have a course spread over a longer length of time. Colleges are better equipped to deal with learning difficulties, and have support mechanisms in place for those that would benefit from more specialist support. We also find that therapists want up to date training that they can turn into a payable treatment quickly.

Ann in Durham

The manual is available on the online portal, at guru we use teachable, and the benefit is that the course manual can be downloaded and printed in one go at home, but also gives us the opportunity to add extra content, such as videos, talking to camera, MP3's where appropriate, zoom classes if they have been done, links to external websites such as You tube, spotify, or another site that has more content on the subject. If a student has signed up for one more course, (which most of our students do), then the courses are all stored in one place, making it easy access.

Our most popular training course is Swedish massage, this is probably due to the fact that this is the foundation to all therapies. Surprisingly, we have sports massage therapists that haven't started with Swedish but want something to add to sports to make it more flowing. We often have people changing career and wanting to start in the complementary therapy business, and we always signpost them to Swedish massage as their first step into this amazing field.

Kelly teaching facials

The complementary and beauty industry favours further education such as NVQS and VTCT qualifications, believing the standards are higher. Ann has worked in both further education and the private sector. Further education has its downfalls, enrolling large numbers due to the low retention numbers for monetary gain, the fact that the teacher has to work with criteria for each student gives them little chance to observe their work as they are busy with each student's paperwork. Having to teach more generically and not having the luxury to change teaching styles for each student can be one of the reasons retention numbers are low in colleges. Then the lengthy process of being interally and externally verified, which is for the colleges benefit, not the student. Ann has seen students in college being approved to be salon-ready to do a treatment when they have perhaps only done one aspect of the treatment. In private courses, the work is full on and intensive, however, due to smaller numbers, attention to detail is present. Corrections are made as they need to be, teaching styles adjusted to suit the student, and due to the fact that the trainers are also working therapists, are up to date with modern standards and approaches.

Ann and Kelly write the courses from an industry-experienced point of view, adding value to every course with salon secrets, tips, trouble-shooting, marketing, and so much more. Working closely with the accreditation companies to ensure that a student gains a valuable certificate that is worthy of the industry. Teaching in the salon is also far more realistic and more relaxing experience too.

Ann and Kelly at guru holistic therapy and training rooms, Durham

With over 40 complementary therapy courses and 8 beauty courses to choose from, do you need to go anywhere else?

Award-winners for training in this industry is another accolade and approval of standards.

Ann teaches Mondays and Wednesdays and offers an "open diary" approach to students, giving them the ability to fit in training around their lifestyles. Kelly teaches on Tuesdays.

Once a course booking has been made, this is then offered to other students to join on the same date, with numbers kept to a minimum of 1 and maximum of 4, or 6 in some cases, students are given attention, guidance and encouragement throughout.

We also have a closed Facebook group which is reserved for students past and present, this gives the important contact that sole traders and therapists working by themselves can chat and ask for advice from not just the tutors but other therapists in the business.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not start your complementary therapy career today, or enhance your existing business by adding salon worthy treatments to your business.

Courses that are currently booked with spaces on are Indian head massage, Swedish massage, Lomi lomi massage, Aromatherapy blending, Reflexology, Meditation Instructor, Reiki level two, Pregnancy massage, Anatomy and physiology.

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