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The latest book release

and why no book launch!

woman in blue dress pouring ceremonial cacao from a blue jug
the published book

Celebrating Cacao is Ann's third published book.

I started writing this book soon after my last book was released in December 2022 and knew that although it is is a stand-alone book, it also makes a perfect companion to the How to set up women's circles - a guide.

Writing it was relatively easy for the first draft, I knew exactly what I wanted in the book and had a vague idea of how it would look. However, first draft submissions rarely look like the finished article. The way that I write is like a skeleton, it has structure and can support and hold up the subject, but the more time consuming part of writing is adding the meat to the skeleton which helps enrich the subject matter to paint a fuller picture.

The book once completed gets sent to a professional editor, typesetter and designer, and that is really when the hard work begins. The beauty of using a professional is that they can see where any holes are, and where you need to expand and explain more fully. As they are not in the same field as you the author, they have many questions for you to answer. And that is only a good thing. With fresh eyes they can see what doesn't make sense, and what doesn't stand up making it unrounded.

Deciding on fonts and layouts comes next, and then illustrations and photos.

So about the book, Celebrating Cacao, it is intended as a celebration of the sacred plant medicine, a love letter to it, to truly pay homage to this wondrous commodity. As I use Cacao in my work, I wanted to share my learning, my tips and how to serve it with respect and honour.

One of the reasons I wrote the book was due to the number of questions from people wanting to use Cacao but are put off by what seems a myriad of do's and donts. And for the first time in trying it, how the heck do you make it? Cacao is an astringent and bitter tasting ingredient and it takes a little mixology to make it palatable. I sensed a lot of confusion about how to make it, thus the book. I was also mindful of people who use Cacao on a regular basis, for self service or for using in groups. I feel that we have so much to share, in our own private use and that this would be a lovely way of opening up this subject. Also, for people to do justice to the product, to serve it with love and enjoyment.

Continuing the journey of the book as it was completed and sent off to be published, on receiving the printed copy, I realised that I hadn't actually finished the book to my own satisfaction and phase two of writing began, in earnest. I wanted to feel that I had done my absolute best in putting the words down on paper and seeing the finished article to how it should be. It was the right thing to do, to pull back and look at it again, making adjustments accordingly.

woman in blue dress pouring ceremonial cacao from a blue jug into a ceramic cup
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I began planning a book launch date with a friend who was also releasing a book around the same time as me, as we work in similar fields it seemed like a perfect idea. However, the book launch didn't take place as we both had delays in book release and then a close member of the family became very ill. Therefore, the book launch did not take place whilst I concentrated on family life.

I am very lucky that many of my stockists have agreed to stock this book alongside my other books and although I am trying to hand deliver as many as possible, some will be posted, probably after Christmas.

My hope is that I have done justice to the subject, a few people have said that they are enjoying the book. If you have bought the book, thank you for doing so. I appreciate every single sale. Ironically, the book has increased sales of my How to set up women's circles book.

And for now, I will concentrate on producing the next book, which I hope will be released June 2024. It will be another stand-along book but also can be a companion for the other books too, making a handsome collection of books.

You may have seen my hashtag #celebratingcacaobook or seen me reviewing the Ceremonial Cacao that is featured in the book. I have even spilled over into TikTok. If you would like to follow me on social media check out guruholistics

The book is available at different stockists:

Bloom n witches, Spennymoor ihypnotise, Spennymoor

Featherbed books, Houghton-le-spring SLS crystal boutique, Houghton-le-spring

Guru holistic therapies, Gilesgate Ocean Zen, Whitley Bay

More stockists will be announced.

You can also keep up with news on

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