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Reiki Immersive

Our latest inovative treatment 

This treatment is relaxing, soothing and incredible!

Lie back on the warmed massage couch, put on your headphones and be lulled into a relaxed hypnotic state by Ann's hypno-meditation, whilst this is leading you into a deeply relaxed state you will receive Usui Reiki, enhanced with live sound therapy, aromatherapy and in some cases crystal therapy. No two treatments are identical as Ann intutively uses singing bowls, tuning forks, koshi chimes and tingshaws.

How did this treatment come about?

Ann has been working on immersive treatments for a while and inspiration came to her whilst talking to a friend. Ann has been writing and recording her own hypnotherapy and meditation scripts for years and the original recording came as a complete download to her, without any need to edit the words as they just flowed.

Coming Soon

Rose Reiki Immersive

Meno Pause Reiki Immersive

Reset Reiki Immersive

Mary Magdelene Reiki, expensive rose oil anointing, rose quartz crystals and a hypno-meditation.

Usui Reiki with acupoints, body reflexology and cooling aromatherapy oils and crystals to help balance the endocrine system with empowering hypno-meditation.

Usui Reiki with sound, aromatherapy, crystals and a hypno-meditation to help balance body and mind.

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