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Wood & lymphatic drainage therapy

Wood therapy or maderotherapy from the Spanish word for wood. It is primarily a lymphatic drainage massage with the use of wooden tools. Contouring and modeling lymphatic drainage are popular in Brazil.

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Why book a wood & lymphatic drainage therapy treatment?

Lymphatic drainage massage has been around for many years and features in all massage treatments, however, popularity in Brazil and Colombia have risen sharply with deep and fast massage strokes being used to help contour and sculpt the body with people demanding a Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage. The use of wooden tools helps to warm and disperse fat cells and a skilled therapist will move it to the drainage areas in the body. You may read about Brazilian lymphatic drainage and wood therapy or maderotherapy in the press as it is the latest must-have treatment for celebrities. Said to be able to sculpt the body to accentuate certain parts such as the booty and create flatter stomachs. Josie

We offer you our own guru treatment devised by experienced massage therapist Ann Ball. Working in different stages to achieve the sculpting effect. So why not check it out? It is recommended to book a course of treatments to see visible and longer-lasting results but even if it is a one-off treatment you should see a noticeable difference.

Some of the benefits:

  • lymphatic drainage

  • improved skin condition

  • breaks down and eliminates cellulite 

  • toned skin

  • improved circulation

  • speeds up metabolism

  • improved and enhanced shape

and that's just the therapist! 

Book your first treatment today.

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25 mins targets one area
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