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Thai Compress Massage

Using steamed bundles of herbs to pummel and roll into the muscles. The heat helps to release tension in this beautifully aromatic and warm massage.

Choose: 55 minutes or 70 minutes

Consider: Hot stone massage

Thai Foot Massage

An invigorating massage to the feet and lower legs using Thai yoga techniques. The use of a traditional stick features in this authentic treatment from Thailand.

Choose: 55 minutes

Consider: Ayurvedic foot ritual, reflexology

Thai Yoga Massage

They call this "lazy man's yoga" as you are skillfully moved into traditional yoga poses as well as receiving stretching and compression techniques.

Choose: 55 minutes or 70 minutes

Consider: Thai foot massage

Theragun Upgrade

IThis professional standard tool is used as an add-on to deep tissue massage.

Choose: 25 minutes, 55 minutes, 70 minutes

Tibetan Head Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment to the head as you lie on the massage couch. 

Choose: 55 minutes

Consider: Indian head massage

Womb Massage

A massage to the lower back and to the abdomen to help rebalance the physical and emotional aspects of our womb. Helpful for issues with the menstrual cycle, puberty, fertility, and all aspects of menopause.

You can also choose Shamanic womb massage which is more of a ritual.

Choose: 55 minutes or 70 minutes

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