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Our Massage Menu

Massage N-S

Read on for more of our massage offerings.

Oncology Massage

Working with you on this journey.


Choose: 25 mins, 55 mins, 70 mins

Post Natal Massage

Working throughout the postnatal year we will work on areas that you wish to have addressed or give you some time out from your busy life.

Choose: 25 mins, 55 mins, 70 mins

Pregnancy Massage

A very popular treatment, it is such a pleasure to offer massage to help with your aches and pains, general well-being, and support you throughout your pregnancy. You will be in a side-lying or seated position for this massage.

Choose: 25 mins, 55 mins, 70 mins

Consider: maternity reflexology

Sports Massage

Our sports massage therapist will devise a treatment to help aid your issues. It may include deep tissue, trigger point work and soft tissue work.

Choose: 25 mins, 55 mins, 70 mins.

Consider: deep tissue massage with theragun

Swedish Massage

One of our most popular treatments at guru. A flowing and relaxing massage to help relax and gently stretch muscles. Please book deep tissue massage if you want more targetted work.

You can have an extended back, neck and shoulder massage as part of the 55 minute treatment.

Choose: 25 mins, 55 mins, 70 mins

Consider: aromatherapy massage or deep tissue massage

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