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Massage F-L

We offer such a wide range of massage treatments we have alphabetised it for ease.

Fertility Massage

Massaging the lower back and the abdominal area helps to loosen tight ligaments and encourage flow. Helping to break down adhesions and release tension. Includes body reflexology points.

Choose: 55 minutes or 70 minutes

Consider: Shamanic womb massage

Gua Sha

Using a scraping tool to help release tension in tight muscles such as the trapezius or the lats.

You will be left with some temporary marking.

Choose: 25 minutes, 55 minutes, 70 minutes

Honey Massage

Using warmed honey to massage into the body helps to invigorate the tissues and cells and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth as it helps to remove dead skin cells. In places like Tibet this is given to those recovering from illness.

Choose: 25 minutes, 55 minutes, 70 minutes

Consider: Algae body wrap

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Heated basalt stones are massaged into the body helping to release tension and soothe the mind.

You can also request cold stone application as part of the treatment using marble, jade or marine stones to give a "cold-shock" to the system and help bring down inflammation as it acts like a natural "flush" to the lymphatic system.

Choose: 25 minutes, 55 minutes, 70 minutes

Consider: Thai compress massage, Bamboo massage

Indian Head Massage

Traditionally received seated and dressed, this is a typical "street-style" massage seen in the streets of India. However, you may prefer a more relaxing treatment as you lie on the massage couch. 

Choose: 25 minutes, 55 minutes

Consider: Tibetan head massage

Light Legs

Part of our manual lymphatic drainage service, works on moving fluid from the lower limbs to help aid water retention.

Suitable for pregnancy.

Choose: 25 minutes

Consider: Manual lymphatic drainage, contouring lymphatic drainage

Lomi Lomi Massage

A soothing, rhythmic, and all-over body experience, the waves of Hawaii are our inspiration as you are drenched in warm oil and experience firm, soft, fast and slow massage. 

This is only available to female clients.

Choose: 55 minutes, 70 minutes

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a specialised treatment to assist the lymphatic system. Ideal to book pre-surgery, post-surgery, helpful with water retention, slugglish circulation, recovering from long covid and as a general pick-me-up.

Choose: 25 minutes, 55 minutes, 90 minutes

Consider: contouring lymphatic drainage

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