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We offer a wide range of massage treatments from all around the World.

For you ease, we have listed them in alphabetical order.

Aromatherapy Massage

We are trained aromatherapists which means we will make up a bespoke blend of pure essential oils and mix them with carrier oils to suit your immediate needs. Aromatherapy works on emotions as well as physical issues, therefore you will get a balanced and targetted treatment. Aromatherapy massage is traditionally light but you can choose a Swedish massage enhanced with aromatherapy as well.

Choose: 25, 55 or 70 minutes

Balinese Massage

We offer a deep tissue massage as part of our massage services which may include trigger point work. Our aim is to work deeply into the muscles releasing tightness and tension.

Choose 25, 55 or 70 minutes

Also see: sports massage, theragun options

Bamboo Massage

Using a combination of different warmed bamboo and wood sticks to iron out tense muscles. This is a firm massage and will work into muscles.

Choose: 25, 55 or 70 minutes

Also see: Wood therapy

Body/Swedish Massage

Our most popular treatment to book, a lovely relaxing treatment that works on creating movement in the tissue and muscles. 


25 minutes for back massage

55 minutes for back and back of legs or a longer back massage

70 minutes for full body massage


Also see: Deep tissue massage

Contouring Lymphatic Drainage

A targetted massage to areas that you consider problematic.
This works well on contouring the back, or the legs or the stomach or the arms. Each area will need 25 minutes so you choose where the therapist will concentrate on.

Choose: 25 mins, 55 mins or 90 mins

Also see: manual lymphatic drainage ideal for pre and post surgery

Colon Massage

A treatment to the stomach and thighs to encourage better functionality of the colon. This is a fantastic alternative to colonics and can be booked in between colonic treatments.

Choose: 55 minutes

Also see: Amno fu abdominal massage

Cupping Massage

A massage to pinpoint tension areas before the cups are used to create negative pressure and lift the tension helping to release it.
We may use glass/fire, silicone or plastic or a combination of them.
Please note that cupping leaves marks for a number of days.

Choose 25 mins or 55 mins.

Also see: gua sha

Deep Tissue Massage

One of our most popular treatments at guru. This works at a deeper level to Swedish massage and may use trigger points to help release tension.

Choose: 25 mins, 55 mins, 70 mins.

Also see: Theragun upgrade, Sports massage

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