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Relax and breathe



Pregnancy Treatments


We can offer treatments in all trimesters with our specialist training,

choose from massage, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage or acupuncture specifically for pregnancy.



Talk to us to discuss other treatments that we can adapt to suit you.




Pregnancy massage

We pride ourselves on our pregnancy massage

targetting the areas that you want us to work on

and not a generic treatment.


Most of our clients ask for back, neck, and shoulders

but we listen to your needs and devise

a treatment to suit you.


Puffy feet would benefit from a soothing and

draining leg and foot massage, optional to use manual

lymphatic drainage techniques.


Hands can throb, or feel swollen, let us gently

encourage them to feel more normal.


Shoulders, mid-back, the lower back can all feel achy,

let us massage and knead into the muscles for you.


25 minutes £25

55 minutes £38

70 minutes full body massage £56

Acupuncture Clinic


We run an acupuncture clinic Friday afternoon

and Saturday morning



  • fertility
  • support for IVF
  • pregnancy (2nd and 3rd trimester)
  • postnatal
  • perimenopause through to post-menopause
  • anxiety
  • pain management
  • Facial Acupuncture
  • Micro-needling



Initial appointment: 1 hour 45 mins £65

Subsequent appointments: 1 hour £45


A commitment of weekly appointments for the first month then dropping to monthly maintenance


Ask Carlee for her bundle offer.

Micro needling and Facial Acupuncture

Using natural techniques to encourage the skin to revitalise,

plump and glow.





Fertility, Pregnancy and Post-natal treatments




Maternity reflexology

We work throughout all of your trimesters adjusting the treatment according to which week you are in. Once

past 37+ weeks, we can include other points that are

to always be avoided in pregnancy as they are classed

as labour inducing.


55 minutes £38



This amazing programme of treatments to suit both partners to enhance fertility and prepare for pregnancy. Treatments are available for those using assisted fertility techniques (IVF, ICSI, IUI). The treatments will correspond with whichever week you are in

as well as tracking your cycle.


40 minutes £38



Breech Breech Baby

Using a few modalities to help you relax and encourage baby to turn. Using reflexology, moxibustion, rebozo and gentle exercise movements, hypnobirthing meditation scripts can be included too.

90 minutes £60




Hypnobirthing  Classes

We offer an independent service tailor made to suit each couple.

Ann has dual trained in Mindful Mamma Hypnobirthing (Sophie Fletcher) and KG Hypnobirthing (Katherine Graves) and now teaches in her own right adding so much more to her programme.

Please visit our sister site to read more.

love bump baby


Choose your options:

Option 1: per hour £45

Option 2: One day comprehensive class £180

Option 3: Two day class includes extra antenatal information £240



Post Natal Treatment

A massage to suit your needs.

Can include a section from Closing the Bones.


55 minutes £38

70 minutes £60


Closing the Bones Ritual

An age-old ritual to mark the event of the body no longer needing to be open for the onset of birth. Using abdominal massage and a rebozo to gently honour the body and the amazing work that it has done.


2 hours £90


3 Step Rewind Technique

If you have had a traumatic time during pregnancy and birth this technique can help. It's a relaxation technique helping and supporting you.

60 minutes £55


Womb Healing

Womb healing and massage

Working on the abdomen and lower back to

free the ligaments and muscles and facilitate flow.....

For all women regardless of where you

are in your life.

55 minutes £45



Womb Massage/Fertility Massage

Working with the ancestral line to bring your energy and flow into harmony.


55 minutes £45


Shamanic Womb Massage & Healing

Working with the medicine wheel to create balance with the intention of releasing,

supporting and letting go.

Includes an optional womb meditation with drum


55 minutes £45.


Other modalities may be weaved into

your treatment.

Let Ann create sacred space and support you.

Whatever you choose or is chosen for you, it is with love.

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